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Moving to Online Learning

Over the past few months we have refocused our In-Room training programs to an online format.  We have redesigned our training approach to maximise the advantages of an online learning environment.

This includes:

  • The creation of Lessons within each course.  Lessons are similar to chapters in a course book.
  • Each Lesson comprises both Self-paced learning and Live Online Tutorials
  • The creation of 45-minute webinars to direct you through the learning for each Lesson.  The webinars incorporate the PowerPoint skills, video vignettes, references to the manual and forms
  • The inclusion of training videos which demonstrate the skill to be applied.
  • Within a Training Course, the creation of small learning groups; Practice-With -Peers groups. These groups of two or three people are formed at the start of the course and are where you practice your skills and discuss questions from the learning guide
  • A move to live online tutorials that focus on integration of learning from the self-paced learning opportunities

Skills-Based Online Training

Still 30 hours duration (plus assessments).  Course is 20 hours Self-Paced Learning, and 10 hours tutorial sessions.

Spread over 4 lessons the course includes, webinars, video examples, small group practice-with-peers sessions, tutorials, manual and ebook.

15 hours duration.  Course is 10 hours Self-Paced Learning, and 5 hours tutorial sessions.

Spread over 2 lessons the course includes, webinars, video examples, small group practice-with-peers sessions, tutorials, and manual.


The Meeting with Children Approach for children who are remote from the practitioner.  This 7.5 hour work shop is for graduates of Meeting with Children Only.

Presenting adaptations of the Meeting with Children activities, the course includes: webinars, video examples, tutorial, small group practice-with-peers sessions, and manual.

NEW Online Courses Coming Soon

  • Research Into Practice Forums REGISTRATION NOW OPEN
  • Child Centred Parenting Coordination
  • Skills in Mediating Family Law Property - AU