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Welcome to the Wheel of Intervention Selection (The WISE®)


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The WISE® is designed as a tool for the Family Law practitioners. Counsellors, mediators, parenting coordinators, family lawyers, child consultants, mental health practitioners, children’s contact workers will find information here.

The WISE® is a Case Conceptualisation Tool. Three discrete sections provide information about:

  • Risk Assessment, Recommended Case Modality and Safety Management
  • A Tool Box of strategies particular to work in family law
    • Understanding Conflict,
    • Complex Families, Trauma and Resilience,
    • Children Caught in the Middle,
    • Couples, Parents and Extended Families
    • Property
  • The Edge of Practice which considers harder issues
    • Ethics Diversity and Inclusion
    • Special Topics including emerging models of practice and caring for self

What we have in common is our interest in the support of families and individuals who are engaged with family law systems. The really good news is that for each part of The WISE® there are articles to read; forms to apply; videos to watch and so much more.


Video: Jon Graham Introduces the WISE