ICCFL Courses and Programs

Six Practice Areas

Our  training offering is larger and clearer. Grouped around SIX areas of practice, trainees can easily find the program they require. All training is offered through our online learning portal and all courses can be completed through self-paced learning combined with live tutorials.

Will we ever be back in-room?

YES!!! As soon as the world allows, we will provide in-room group training. However, what we have learnt from the last 12 months continue to factor in our training offering.

⇒ Groups from across the world collaborating together.

⇒ Opportunities to attend training without the cost of travel.

⇒ Self-Paced learning with opportunities for reflection and integration between tutorials.

The Six Practice Areas

GREEN Cluster: The Voice of the Child

Meeting with Children: A Child Centred Approach

Meeting with Children in the Virtual Space

Master Class: The Feelings Pie and Community Bears

BLUE Cluster: Meeting with Parents

Meeting with Parents

Master Class: Dysregulation

The Use of Metaphor with Parents

YELLOW Cluster: On-Record Processes

Parenting Coordination: A Child Centred Approach

Meeting with Children for Children’s Contact Workers

Meeting with Children for Child Protection Workers

Meeting with Children for Judges


PURPLE Cluster: Research Into Practice

Children Resisting Contact

Child Voice in On Record Processes

Adult Attachment and Separation

Family Violence and Risk Assessment

Transitionary Objects

ORANGE Cluster: Mediation and Negotiation

Mediating Family Law Property

New Views on Negotiation: Directive Family Mediation

New Views on Negotiation: Never Split the Difference;

The Application of Chris Voss to the Family Mediation Process

New Views on Negotiation: Narrative Mediation

RED Cluster: Gathering as Professionals

What in the World of Children

Jigsaw: Child Voice Study Group

Supervision into Practice

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