Video – Lisa and Paul

In this video the Mediator works with Lisa and Paul (Level 2 parents) using the Child’s Needs Exercise. Lisa and Paul struggle to allow each other to contribute different items during the exercise. The Mediator demonstrates focusing strategies and helps to manage the parents’ reactions to one another so that they can complete the exercise.

MWP Introduction

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The MWP course was developed as a follow-up to the Meeting with Children course. While Meeting with Children focuses on learning the process and procedures for child meetings, Meeting with Parents focuses on how to bring the appropriate messages from children back to parents based on the four levels of parent readiness. The concept of parent readiness is described in the Continuum of Including Children in ADR Processes: A Child-Centred Continuum Model (Yasenik and Graham, 2016).

MWP focuses on increasing the practitioner’s skill at using the information from the MWC tools when preparing to meet with parents. Participants study a number of strategies to increase the parents’ ability to hear their children’s concerns. Four levels of parent readiness (from level I to Level IV) are demonstrated by way of video examples and participants engage in practice exercises in small groups. The goal of the course is to increase the skill of the practitioner to be fully child inclusive in safe and appropriate ways.