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Presenters:  Lorri Yasenik PhD :: Rachel Birnbaum PhD :: Alyson Jones, MA

This one day workshop brings three diverse thought leaders to the challenges of the intersection of Family Law processes and Child and Family Mental Health concerns.

This day poses the question: What can we do better?

Drawing on empirical and practice based evidence, the three presenters will challenge entry level concepts to present the nuances of working with complex families. Topics include the impact of: adult attachment organization on separation and divorce, coercive and controlling relationship histories, the place of children’s voices, parental mental health issues, adaptive and maladaptive gate keeping, children with special needs, and the dynamics of children who resist or refuse contact. This day is for advanced practitioners working in family law who have attended introductory courses and need more.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify intervening mental health issues in cases of high conflict separation and divorce
  2. Describe the dynamics of intimate partner violence and its interplay with high-conflict separation and divorce
  3. List at least three adult attachment-related issues that contribute to the ways in which parties manage post-separation and divorce dynamics
  4. Describe resist and refuse dynamics and its correlates with high conflict separation and divorce
  5. Explain the types of gatekeeping that occur post separation and divorce and the impact on children
  6. .Identify case management issues related to protecting children in cases where resist and refuse dynamics are present
  7. Discuss specific issues related to children with special needs and the development of best-interests parenting plans
  8. Explain what it is to gain from the “Voice of the Child”

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Full Day Online Seminar – MST  (recorded for those who attend from outside Canada/USA)

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