Program Payment Choices: AUD

Please Note: To secure your place in the course one of the following payments must be chosen. You are not enrolled until you have made a payment.

You can pay:

  • via your credit card
  • Request an invoice to you/your organisation for the full amount. Due four weeks days prior to the first day of the course.

We cannot hold your place on the course unless payments are made and payment terms are maintained.

For courses delivered in Australia - GST will be added.

Special Offer: Combine Meeting with Children and Meeting with Parents 

$2300 AUD + GST

Available dates for Meeting with Children:
August - Meeting With Children - MWC 22.07
October - Meeting With Children - MWC 22.08

plus Meeting with Parents occurring after the MWC date

Please ensure you register using the special offer section to show your date preferences.

Meeting with Children 

 $1650. AUD + GST

Meeting with Parents 

 $850. AUD + GST

Child Centred Parenting Coordination

 $2300. AUD + GST

Masterclass: Two new activities for the Meeting with Children

 $330. AUD + GST

Meeting with Children In The Virtual Space

 $850. AUD + GST

Parenting Plan Typologies 22.02
February 2022

$330. AUD + GST

Mediating Family Law Property

$460. AUD + GST

New Views On Negotiation: Never Split the Difference NEG 22.04

$330. CAD

New Views On Negotiation: Directive Family Mediation NEG 22.05

$330. AUD + GST

 Research Into Practice: Introducing the WISE - RP 22.01
March 2022

$85. AUD + GST

 Research Into Practice: Children with Special Needs - RP 22.02
April 2022

$85. AUD + GST

 Research Into Practice: Children and Gender Dysphoria - RP 22.03
May 2022

$85. AUD + GST