Registration for Students who live in Australia
Payment in Australian Dollars (AUD) - GST will be added at checkout.

More programs will be added as training dates open up.

Please note:  Please wait for the form to process before leaving the page. When you apply you should receive an email confirmation of registration almost immediately.  If the form fails to work for you please contact admin for registration.

If you clicked on the invoice request you will be taken to a thank you page indicating that your registration has been sent in. If you choose the payment option you will (after a moment's delay) be taken to a payment page.

 If you applied for a course and did not receive a confirmation email it's possible we didn't receive your registration - please contact us.  

When signing up you are asked for an email where we can send information to you and also use it to enroll you in the appropriate online learning system.  Sometimes work emails and systems block all or some of our emails.  It would be helpful to you and us if you used a personal email (always kept confidential) and also white listed our email.
Thank you  - we want you to have the best experience possible.

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