We believe that the best training occurs when skills can be practiced, and participants receive real time feedback.  Our on-Line programs are designed to allow self-paced learning of materials through guided webinars in combination with experiential practicing with peers approach and tutorials led by the instructors.  We understand that people in remote locations need support in their practice and therefore we have made skills learning training more accessible.

On Line Training

ICCFL programs are designed to be practice based, with a strong theoretical foundation. The greatest challenge in learning is often more in acquisition of skills than in theoretical understanding.  When thinking about how to maximize practice opportunities on-line, ICCFL has created a Practicing with Peers approach where you can work in pairs in a physical shared space or meet up with a peer in a virtual room on-line.

ICCFL offers Certificate of Competence and Certificate of Attendance programs.  In order to receive a Certificate of Competence participants must complete assessment tasks that demonstrate achievement of the program competencies.  Course lengths are between one and four days in length and are held at our two ICCFL centres in Calgary Canada, or Sydney Australia.  Our courses are also portable and can be offered offsite upon request.

ICCFL Training: What you can expect

On-Line Courses
  • On-line class size 16 people or less
  • Schedule for tutorials
  • List of items is provided to students to gather for practice activities
  • A manual, book and visual resources
  • Access to online learning portal for webinars and demonstration videos
  • Access to post-course assignments for Certificates of Competency
  • Access to the Wheel of Child Development

Student Portal

ICCFL provides support to participants through an online portal.  The portal provides:

  • Access to pre-reading materials and pre-course quizzes
  • Access to post-course materials, including
    • Forms for download
    • Articles and research materials
    • Video resources shown during the course
  • Access to post-course assessment tasks

Face-to Face Courses

All of our programs are also offered in a face-to-face format upon request.