Children around the world have varied opportunities to being seen and heard as related to matters that affect them.

How are systems and individuals around the world assisting children to have a say? What projects, processes and inclusive actions are occurring as part of a global effort to see and hear children? Children’s wisdom can inform us all.

What in the World of Children advisory group is comprised of colleagues sharing information in a forum; creating a global neighborhood. We learn from each other and from the children we know and bring news of difference back to our local communities. The purpose of the group is to collaborate and continue to create new ways for children to be significant participants in family, community and global matters that affect them.

If you are actively a thought leader in how to be child inclusive, ICCFL welcomes your involvement! The key value of the ICCFL is to continually be surprised by ideas from our colleagues from diverse sectors such as family law, child protection, educators, academics, early child development specialists, play therapists, mental health professionals, ADR practitioners, health and allied health workers.

To apply: Please fill out the application below - Please note that an upload of your CV is required. It may be added as a pdf or docx file. Red asterisks indicate an entry is required.